The Mandan Horse and Saddle Club is a family and youth
oriented organization that promotes the development of
horsemanship skills through participation and
competition in riding activities for all ages.

Mandan Horse and Saddle Club activities are the perfect
place to practice what you have learned in 4-H and can
serve as a conduit to high school rodeo and advanced
levels of competition.

Activities are also great for adult riders who may be past
achieving their National Finals Rodeo dreams, but who
still enjoy the thrill of competition!  Regardless of your
level of intensity, you're sure to enjoy the networking
with others involved in the region's horse industry.
Mandan Horse and Saddle Club
Family Rodeos
June 7
July 6
Aug. 9
Sept. 13 - Wild West Rodeo

High School Rodeos
Aug. 23-24

Jr. High Rodeo
Sept. 14 - tentative

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2013 year-end results

Summary of 2013 award winners

The Mandan Horse and Saddle Club honored member
contestants for 2013 season achievements at a celebration
held Jan. 25 at the Seven Seas Inn, Mandan. Awards are
based on points earned at four rodeos held between June and
September. Champions are as follows:

Senior Division (age 15 and older)
•        All-Around – Colt Roshau, Bismarck
•        Reserve All-Around – Colton Backhaus, Bismarck
•        Barrel Racing – (tie) Brandi Davidson, Mandan, and
Katelyn Schaffner, Bismarck
•        Breakaway Roping – Colt Roshau, Bismarck
•        Tie-Down Roping – Colt Roshau, Bismarck
•        Team Roping – (tie) Troy Backhaus, Bismarck; Curt
Berreth, Mandan; and Cody Fleck, Mandan
•        Pole Bending –
 (tie) Abby Knoll, Mandan; and McKenzie
Wiest, Bismarck

•        Goat Tying – Allisha Dworshak, Dickinson
•        Keyhole Race – (tie) Ashley Brew, Manning; Abby Knoll,

Junior Division (ages 10 to 14)
•        All-Around – Brooklyn Vollmer, Wing
•        Reserve All-Around – Kelly Knoll, Mandan
•        Steer Riding – Clay Gerhardt, Mandan
•        Barrel Racing – Matteah Dworshak, Dickinson
•        Breakaway Roping – Dawson Cvancara, Ray
•        Tie-Down Roping – Bridger Anderson, Carrington
•        Pole Bending – Kelly Knoll, Mandan
•        Goat Tying – (tie) Cassidy Smith, Bismarck; Lauren
Topp, Grace City
•        Keyhole Race – Brooklyn Vollmer, Wing

Beginner Division (ages 9 and under)
•        All-Around – Cassidy Davidson, Mandan
•        Reserve All-Around – Kiarra Reiss, Dickinson
•        Calf Riding – Cole Gerhardt, Mandan
•        Barrel Racing – Cassidy Davidson, Mandan
•        Dummy Roping – Coy Berreth, Mandan
•        Pole Bending – Cassidy Davidson, Mandan
•        Goat Tail Tying – Cassidy Davidson, Mandan
•        Keyhole Race – Sydney Mosset, Hazen

Open Division
        Chute Dogging – Colt Roshau, Bismarck        
        Pro-Am Team Roping –  (tie) Dillon Alvarez, Colton
Backhaus and Tyler Kress, all of Bismarck

Jackets presented to event champions were sponsored in part
by Farm Credit Services.

Coy Berreth, Mandan, was honored with the Buddy Kahl
Memorial Traveling "Beginner Persistent Rider" Trophy. The
trophy is presented to the contestant in the age 9 and under
division who earns the most points during the season, yet who
did not win an all-around award at a rodeo.

Cassidy Davidson received the Becky Fisher Memorial
Traveling Trophy as the contestant who earned the most
points in timed and game events.

Members chose John Schaffner, Bismarck, to receive the
club's traveling Sportsmanship Award for his volunteerism in
2013 that included serving as the club’s arena director,
helping to prepare and maintain the ground for family, high
school and junior high rodeos as well as to run the rodeos.

Club members also elected directors for the 2014 season as
follows: Past President, Sara Vollmer, Wing; President, Nita
Tokach, St. Anthony; Vice President, Cody Fleck, Mandan;
Arena Co-Directors, John Schaffner and David Volk, both of
Bismarck; Treasurer, Robin Kress, Bismarck; Secretary,
Jessica Balvitsch, Mandan; Directors-At-Large, Karen Berger,
Dave Nottestad, and Brittany Schauer, all Mandan; and Billie
Schumacher, Linton; and Youth Directors, Dillon Alvarez,
Bismarck; and Delani Berger, Mandan.

Dates for 2014 rodeos will soon be scheduled. Stay tuned for
All-Around and Reserve All-Around Winners:
Seniors Colt Roshau (not pictured) and Colton
Backhaus; Juniors Brooklyn Vollmer and Kelly
Knoll; Beginners, Cassidy Davidson and Kiarra
Beginner Division Event Champions: Cole
Gerhardt, Calf Riding; Cassidy Davidson, Barrel
Racing, Pole Bending and Goat Tail Tying; Sydney
Mosset, Keyhole Race. Not pictured: Coy Berreth,
Dummy Roping.
Junior Division Event Champions: Clay
Gerhardt, Steer Riding; Kelly Knoll, Pole Bending;
Brooklyn Vollmer, Keyhole Race. Not pictured:
Dawson Cvancara, Breakaway Roping; Bridger
Anderson, Tie-Down Roping; Matteah Dworshak,
Barrel Racing; and Cassidy Smith, Goat Tying.
Senior Division Event Champions: Katelynn
Schaffner and Brandi Davidson, Barrel Racing;
Cody Fleck and Troy Backhaus, Team Roping. Not
pictured: Colt Roshau, Tie-Down Roping and
Breakaway Roping; Abby Knoll and McKenzie Wiest
(tie), Pole Bending and Keyhole Race;  Ashley
Brew, Keyhole Race; Allisha Dworshak, Goat Tying;
and Curt Berreth, Team Roping.
Open Division Event Champions: Dillon Alvarez,
Colton Backhaus, and Tyler Kress, Pro-Am Team
Roping. Not pictured: Colt Roshau, Chute Dogging.
Becky Fisher Traveling Memorial Award: Cassidy
Sportsmanship Award Winner: John Schaffner, Bismarck.
Beginner contestants attending the annual awards
celebration received participation trophies.
Members new to high school rodeo and high school
rodeo contestants new to the club in 2013 received
jackets. Pictured (l-r): Dillon Alvarez, Delani Berger,
Haley Fried, Sydney Graner, Levi Nelson, Hunter
Schlosser, Cody Schwartz, Lane Tokach, Brooklyn
Vollmer. Many recipients were not in attendance.